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Explainer on DLQ token

DLQ is the native token of Deliq Finance. It’s the third pillar in addition to LDs and LPs on which Deliq Finance is built. DLQ is much more than just a governance token and can be considered as tokenized form of liquidity. The total supply of DLQ is 100 million and is minted in a phased manner with decreasing inflationary pressure.


Use cases of Deliq Finance :

1) Can be staked to direct liquidity and earn high APY.

2) Acts as a backstopping/ IL risk mitigation mechanism (similar to AAVE) in case of a large number of withdrawals from a token pool.

3) A governance token for DeliqDAO.

4) LPs and LDs are rewarded in DLQ in phases for their participation in injecting liquidity to the ecosystem. 


Inflationary tokenomics of DLQ :

Deliq will start it’s journey similar to other protocols by providing DLQ rewards to users , but Deliq will slowly transition into a self sustainable infrastructure layer where the protocol controlled assets/rewards will power the reward mechanism of Deliq . When this ideal stage is achieved , Deliq will stop further minting of DLQ token and cut the inflationary pressure forever .


Road to reach this ideal stage is surely tough , but our carefully planned integrations and methods to achieve a threshold PCA will pave the way to become the primary liquidity layer of DeFi. We believe Layer 2 bridges and stable swap protocols are the most important pieces to increase the protocol controlled assets . Layer 2s now control more than 2b dollar worth of TVL and lots more to come in the future years .


Deliq will help users bridging their assets to Layer 2s by injecting deep liquidity into the bridges to make onboarding to L2 more cost efficient and less time consuming.