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A Brief Introduction to Deliq Finance

Deliq Finance is the Liquidity layer of the DeFi Ecosystem . In the past 12 month we saw a huge influx in the daily users of DeFi , with the number now standing 3.5 million unique addresses . In the same period we saw the total value locked inside the DeFi protocols to cross a whooping 100 billion USD and which now currently stands at 84 billion USD . But new protocols experience a hard time attracting liquidity to their protocols , this leads them use inflationary , Centralized , capital inefficient means like Liquidity Mining and Centralized Market Makers to attract liquidity to their platforms.


Although these methods lets protocols attract liquidity for a short duration but as soon as the liquidity mining program ends or the rewards start to decrease with time , the liquidity of these protocols start to decrease and cripples the protocol.


Deliq Finance aims to solve this problem by introducing it’s Liquidity-by-staking model , which let’s new protocols , exchanges , money markets to extract liquidity for long term without introducing inflationary rewards . Deliq achieves this with the help of it’s DLQ token which acts as tokenized form of liquidity and helps DAOs direct liquidity to their protocols by staking DLQ token.


Liquidity Directors can stake DLQ token into the pools flooded with liquidity provided by Liquidity Providers , both entities earn high yield in the form DLQ token and DAOs can Buy/Borrow DLQ with their governance token to get access to Deliq’s long lasting , deep liquidity and also generate a revenue stream in the form of LD yield.


Liquidity Providers can supply single sided liquidity to the Deliq pool , without any risk of impermanent loss (IL) mitigated by protocol generated rewards (PCR).



Deliq is the liquidity engine of DeFi which aims to power the whole DeFi ecosystem with it’s protocol controlled assets (PCA) across all the chains . With it’s LBS model Deliq has the potential to become the liquidity infrastructure of blockchains .