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Role of LP’s and LD’s in Deliq Finance

Liquidity Providers (LP’s) and Liquidity Directors (LD’s) are the two pillars on which Deliq stands . LPs are the entities which bring in the capital to the ecosystem and LDs direct this capital into various protocols using their expertise and trading strategies and make use of extensive liquidity of Deliq to earn high APY.


Liquidity Providers – These can be founding teams , venture capitalists , normal users who want to earn high APY on their token bags as well as help provide liquidity to protocol of their choice , by supplying single sided liquidity without any impermanent loss . In return LPs get dtoken which represents their share of the pool LPs can deposit and withdraw assets in the middle of a phase which will initially have a duration of one week.


Liquidity Directors – These can Market Makers , DAOs , New DeFi protocols , exchanges , Venture Capitalists who want to use the deep liquidity provided by Deliq to direct that into the protocols where they can earn high yield. They can do this by staking DLQ token into the pools and get pro rata votes to direct liquidity.


Exchanges like Uniswap /Sushiswap/Curve/Balancer/Bancor can get access to this liquidity by swapping their governance tokens with DLQ token. These can help them increase their market depth and provide near to zero slippage trades to their users and also generate revenues for their DAO.