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Liquidity Outsourcing Service for Avalanche Ecosystem

A protocol to decentralize liquidity provisioning to AMMs like Trader Joe , Pangolin etc and thus allow frictionless flow of liquidity to the Avalanche and other high speed blockchain ecosystems


Tokenized Liquidity for the Decentralized Future

Deliq Finance with it’s Liquidity by Staking (LBS) model allows protocols
to bootstrap liquidity without centralized market makers and capital inefficient liquidity mining.

What is Deliq Finance

Deliq is the Liquidity infrastructure layer of the DeFi ecosystem in addition to the Value layer called blockchains and Oracle layer . Liquidity- by- Staking model is a paradigm shift in liquidity bootstrapping that enables healthy liquidity as well as a new revenue generation stream for protocols.


Liquidity Provisioning

Tokenized Liquidity

New Revenue Stream for DAOs

How Deliq Works ?

What Is Our Focus?

Avalanche ecosystem

Creating healthy liquidity markets on Avalanche by introducing a new liquidity bootstrapping solution for decentralized protocols

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Enabling sustainable liquidity in a capital efficient way for the future of finance by removing centralized entities


Powering deep liquidity to exchanges like trader joe , pangolin to enable near zero slippage trades


Who’s Backing Us?

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CEO & Co-Founder

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UI/UX Developer


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CEO Acknoledger and Founder Bitgenie

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Partner at Dutch Crypto Investors

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